Name: Max Daely
Power: Telepathy

Twelve year old Max Daely is an ordinary boy whose world is turned upside down when he learns he has the ability to read peoples minds. Alienated from his friends and family he must learn to control his power with help from his mentor Gray Towers.

Name: Gray Towers
Power: Telepathy

Gray Towers is a Telepath who sensed that Max Daely was a Mind Splinter and offered to train him in the use of his power. When Max's powers proved to be too much for him to handle Gray insisted he train full time at his house in order to keep his friends and family safe.

Name: Jakob Wicksin
Power: Telekinesis

Jakob Wicksin is a Kinetic with a harsh demeanor. His bald head, sharp features and black wardrobe only add to his persona. In his spare time he aids his long-time friend Gray Towers in training children in the use of their powers. His teaching methods may not be well liked but no one can argue with the results.

Name: Kara Chen
Power: Telekinesis

Kara Chen is a beautiful Japanese woman with stark black hair and an athletes body. A Mind Splinter with telekenetic abilities she helps train children at Gray Towers' house from time to time.

Name: Drew Little
Power: Psychometry

Drew Little is a wise-cracking Canadian with ginger colored hair. His psychometric ability is useful in missing person cases but his jocular manner doesn't always go over well.

Name: Toola Briarson
Power: Retrocognition

Toola Briarson is a shy, pear shaped woman with a voice slightly higher than a whisper. She much preferes to sit on the sidelines and fears being the center of attention.

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